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To provide learning and networking opportunities to enhance our members’ effectiveness. We achieve this by supporting personal and professional development, corporate programs and community involvement. 


•  Women of AT&T is organized to connect
    and inspire members to achieve their
    personal and professional goals and to
    affect change in the community.

• Women of AT&T will provide an avenue
  for women to develop and demonstrate     
  their leadership abilities

• Ensure professional and personal
  development for continuous growth,
  advancement and success through
  education, mentoring and networking to
  benefit both the individual as well as the

• Encourage leadership by providing
  opportunities to exercise leadership skills

• Promote awareness of AT&T in the
  community through active involvement in
  community-related activities, particularly
  those community/charitable activities in
  support of women

• Promote an environment that recognizes
  the value of women’s contributions both
  internal and external to AT&T

• Add value to AT&T by being good,
  corporate Ambassadors and improving the
  image of AT&T in local communities


• Encourage leadership by providing
  opportunities to exercise leadership skills

• Increase knowledge and understanding of our
   business Provide networking opportunities to
   enhance teamwork and professional

• Enhance opportunities for personal growth

• Ensure professional growth essential to AT&T’s
   continued prosperity

• Enhance both personal and corporate growth
  through community involvement

• Promote active involvement in WOA as a
  personal investment, returned tenfold!